Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cleaning and Crafts

It's come to my realization that work is never truly done whether you work out of the home or in like myself. Cleaning has become a never ending cycle and with a toddler and infant, cleaning seems to just continually become more and more frequent. I have now created many little things to help with my organizing and cleaning. One thing is my two new whiteboards I made with scrapbook paper and dollar frames. I absolutely LOVE it!! I plan to continue to make more little crafts like them and hopefully make my life simpler. :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Mothers Love

It will be two years come September 18 that I will have began my journey as a mother. Never in my entire life would I have fathomed just how amazing being a mom would be. Times have definitely been tough and I have had my fair share of meltdowns, tantrums, illnesses, and tears but through each and everyone of them I have managed to come out with an even greater appreciation for being a mother. 

Beginning my job as a mother has been the most rewarding experience I have ever had. I always knew since I was very young that I wanted to one day have children. I remember playing house and naming my dolls and taking care of them with such love. Naming my dolls back then consisted of names I had seen on commercials and cartoons and when it came time to pick a name for my first child I remember laughing at the childhood name I had picked out. Ahh memories. 

On September 18, 2012 my daughter was born. She was BEAUTIFUL! I remember looking at her from across the room as the nurses cleaned her off and checked her vitals and thinking of how precious and tiny she looked. Being pregnant and feeling your child grown inside you is such an amazing experience but after 9 long months of waiting, just the sight of your little one after birth is breathtaking. (Not to mention a relief after going through labor.) I can truly say that the experience was on I will never forget. My daughter is now 19 months old and the most rambunctious child I have ever seen. She amazes me everyday with all she is learning and is incredibly smart. I can be having a bad day and when she looks at me and says "momma" I just melt with happiness and love. She is not my only child though and I have been blessed with one other (so far) and he was born March 25, 2014. He is bouncing baby boy and has a smile that could bring anyone to their knees because of the cutest dimples on his cheeks. He is so happy all the time and just an amazing gift from God.

God has truly blessed me and my family. He has brought me two healthy children. He has kept us safe and helped provide for us when times have gotten tough. Most of all, he has loved us and continues to do so unconditionally. I thank God for blessing me with the opportunity to be a mother not only once but twice and for his continued blessings that have kept me alive and well to continue to be the mother I am to my two little blessings. God is truly great!